To Serve and To Protect

(Written for print)

When two locals, Michael Dronyk and Lucas Kowalski, found themselves with RCMP officers pointing guns at their heads on Feb. 5, 2022, it was not quite the day they had imagined for themselves.

According to Dronyk, “they just started like yelling at us… it was very surreal, you know what I’m saying? Like one twitch of the finger, and our heads could be blown off.”

The day had started out quite ordinary, with both men listening to some music as they drove down some backcountry roads towards Brazeau Dam to get some firewood. Soon after they found a tree suitable for firewood, they noticed a man watching them.

“He was parked in a way that he was watching us go back and forth. So, we got kind of sketched out and then we thought it would be a good idea to… run from him you know,” says Dronyk.

As the men tried to get away from their alleged stalker, who was now clearly following them, they pulled into a clearing to see if he would pass them. Dronyk says instead, the man blocked them and made “it clear that (they) weren’t (going to) leave.” Continue reading this story in The Griff

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